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I'm Shane Miller and I understand how stressful home loans can be whether buying a home, renovating or refinancing. With my 15 years of experience, I can help you with a variety of loan needs. If you are interested in learning more please contact me through my email, Shane.Miller@gmail.com or my phone. Most of all I strive to keep the lines of communication open. This helps me find the best loan program for you by better understanding your needs. Therefore I approach each situation in a way that makes my clients feel the most comfortable. We are a team. It is important to not just help you with this loan but also any future financial needs you may have down the road.

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Shane Miller
Senior Mortgage Consultant
(864) 906-6019
NMLS #986246

I’ve lived in the Upstate all my life. I love that as a region the upstate is still small but has
room for growth. In my humble opinion, the Upstate has the best of everything a small
community has to offer. We possess a charm that I think is uniquely our own. Never at 20 years old, greeting people in the bank at my very first job, did I ever fathom the career that would unfold for me. I’ve climbed the ladder from bank greeter to teller to customer service rep to mortgage assistant , Jr loan officer and finally arrived as the SC Regional Manager for On Q Financial. I love the idea of helping people achieve the American Dream of home ownership. That is why I entered the mortgage industry and that is what still fuels my drive 15 years later. Over the course of my career, the reward has been getting to know the folks I’ve helped. They have become like family and I treasure the journey I’ve walked with them. We truly have a close-knit family atmosphere here at On Q Financial with our team. The thread that binds us together is the idea of creating a home out of a house for the families we serve. The Miller Team includes Transaction Coordinators Jennifer Kennedy, Andrew Dockery and Misty Smith. Our Mortgage Consultants are Aric Albrecht, Ben Tritt and Mark Vehaun. Our foundation for business is communication. No one ever wonders where we are in the loan process. Everyone from selling agent to purchasing agent to the client is kept in the know so that nothing comes as a surprise.
On Q is an entrepreneurial-minded company that seeks to simplify the process of getting a
home loan. We have a common-sense way of originating, processing and underwriting loans.
We understand it “takes a village” to close loans. That team concept enables us to get the job
done and do it in a timely manner that brings everyone to the closing table as fast as possible.
On Q offers a wide variety of products aimed at servicing most clients’ needs.
After 15 years, I’m still excited about coming to work every day! From the team I get to work
with to the people I get to help, no day is ever the same. I’m thankful for that and hope to keep serving the Upstate another 15 years!

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