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Being a REALTOR® with NEXUS Group and Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices C. Dan Joyner REALTORS®, the leader in home sales for the entire Upstate is a HUGE advantage. You can count on us to help you throughout the selling process - answer your questions, apply our in-depth knowledge of current market conditions and access Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices extensive resources to expedite the sale of your home. Our other Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices affiliates and broker members provide us with a large pool of potential buyers waiting to be tapped. NEXUS can help sell your home to the right buyer for the best price in the shortest time possible. Contact us today to make an appointment for a free home evaluation and start packing!
Selling your home can be a very stressful process. Let’s talk about how we can help sell your home for the highest price, fast.

You have enough stress in your life, don’t let selling your home be just another cloud hanging over your head. No matter the situation, we have devised a simple 8 step plan that ensures your home will sell as fast as it can and for as much as the market will bear. Our goal is to help you get your home sold and get you where you want to be with as low stress as possible.

1. Prepare The Home For Selling

Before your home hits the market we need to get it ready. To do this we recommend doing two key things: 1) Conduct a Pre-Inspection and 2) Stage/Depersonalize the home. Why? We do these two things for sellers looking to streamline their home selling experience because it helps buyers get over two key mental hurdles. First, by conducting a pre-inspection buyers (especially first-time homebuyers) can look at the report and feel good about the home they are viewing. Not to mention, this report will allow us to take care of minor issues prior to list! The second thing this does, by removing your personal items, it better allows potential buyers to visualize themselves and their things in the home. While this can be hard to do (it is your home after all), if the goal is to sell fast and for maximum value, then it is an essential first step.

2. Find How Much Your Home Is Worth

We will assist you with the pricing of your home based on a number of factors, including a comparative market analysis (CMA). This report will help us decide on the best price that will allow your home to sell within your required timeline.

3. Professional Photos

In the Twenty-First Century, the very first experience a potential home buyer will have with your property will be online. That means photos are one of the most critical components to get right. That is why we recommend professional photographs to be taken to truly showcase your home. 

4. MLS® Listing And Your Lawn Sign

Once we have all of the information and beautiful photos, its time to take your property live! This means that we will put it on MLS® and get your “For Sale” lawn sign up on your yard. It is no secret that many buyers come from within the neighborhood so while it may seem “old school”, the lawn sign is a must!

5. Color Feature Sheet Brochure

Once we start getting showings and foot traffic through the door, those potential buyers need a takeaway. They need something to touch, see and remind them of the amazing experience they had in your home. The feature sheet we will make and have printed and displayed within your home will showcase the best photos, best amenities and more. 

6. Open Houses

Sometimes life gets busy, we get it. This is why we will hold at least one Open House for you once your home is on the market. This gives potential buyers, those too busy to schedule a private showing, the opportunity to come and see what all the buzz is about.

7. Communication

The last step in our process is the most important, it is our commitment to update you weekly on the progress of your sale. Information is power and power gives you control. Control takes away stress. For all those reasons, we commit to this and making your selling process the quickest and minimal stress process, while maximizing the value of your home for your required timeline.

8. Strategy, Offers And Negotiation

If your property is priced right, professionally presented and marketed then it will only be a matter of time until qualified buyers are attracted and submit an offer to purchase your property. Having a strategic system in place for processing offers, dealing with price negotiations and experience with sales contract procedures will help streamline the final step of your sale without leaving valuable dollars on the table.


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